Churubusco Police Report September 16-30

Friday, September 17: 0700 WC U2 Suspicious person at Fort Financial. Just customer waiting  for drive up. 0705 U2 Fuel. 0728 WC U2 PO Violation CAD: 143028. 0749 U2 School traffic. 0928 U2 School check.

Sunday, September 19: 0331 92-9 WC Physical 10-10 at Pit Stop CAD: 143041. 0335 92-9 10-23 J. Reed stabbed victim several times. Had M-11 respond. Also contacted U1. 0345 U1 10-23 M-11 Transported to Parkview. He then went straight to surgery. 0610 U1 10-76 To Parkview Main to interview victim. 0630 U1 10-23 Hospital victim still in surgery. I had surgery nurse take photos and they will call me when he is in recovery.  1100 U3 10-41 To set interviews with witnesses. 1900 U3 Witness agreed to come to W3 for an interview but he never showed up. 1900 U3 C/P Received a tx from. He will be in for an interview tomorrow. 2000 U3 C/P On station for interview. 2222 92-3 WC Suspicious vehicle in driveway at N. Mulberry. Owner was at neighbors, parked in wrong driveway.

Monday, September 20: 0500 92-3 WC C/P on station. She received a call at 0435. The caller had a disguised voice and said I was watching you sleep. He also described her car and where she lived. Caller ID said it was from. I’ll work on this later today. 0800 U3 The street lights by the school crosswalk are out and the crosswalk flashing, are not working. I gave pole numbers and location to Barb. Barb called the power company to make repairs. 1000 U3 Interviewed statement. Is in Tony’s box. 1100 U3 Spoke with in reference to the 0500 entry. Matt advised to get a statement from the C/P. A copy of her phone bill. Write it up and send it to him. Will subpoena the phone records. (When I told the C/P about this, she started to back pedal. I ask her if she had a PO against her ex and she said no that she had cancelled it. I’ll wait and see if she brings her statement in. 2215 U2 IGA detail. 2330 U2 Lockout at C&A.

Tuesday, September 21: 1420 U2 School check.

Wednesday, September 22: 0651 U2 Burglary at Busco Bait and Tackle CAD 190366. 0820 U2 School traffic. 1019 U2 School check. 1037 U2 Fuel. 1430 U1 School check. 1510 U1 WC 911 Hang up. Eagle Lumber/ Everything ok. They tried to send fax and dialed by accident. 1536 U1 WC Sig. 8 Wheatfield in reference to loose animal. 1538 U1 10-23 Talked with. She advised her dog got out of fence. I told her next time it would be a ticket. The neighbor res. came out and wanted to press charges, I advised them there were no charges to file and next time she gets a ticket just like everybody else. 1800 U1 WC Sig. W. Whitley in reference to harassment. 1801 U1 10-23 Talked with. He advised he is tired of coming on his property and yelling stuff at him and his kids. I went over and talked with and she advised she was never on his property. She was in the alley looking at her fence and she is tired of him yelling at her. I told both they need to get along and so far there was no crime.

Thursday, September 23: 0900 U2 Picked up my squad and Larry and I took Adam’s and Garry’s over. 1030 U2 School check.

Sunday, September 26: 0940 U3 W/C Sig. 8 Mill Street in reference to vandalism. 10-23 Two vehicles spray-painted, 2003 GMC ext cab, white #1 runt 1 (11) 2006 Pontiac four door, rust, trust plate XV4820 (11) I believe the paint will scrape off the windows, and may even buff off the paint. CAD #142064.

Monday, September 27: 1343 U2 School check. 1950 U2 Assisting AC on Possible 1055 (intoxicated driver). Also has warrant and has juveniles in vehicle westbound on Carroll Road. Observed vehicle, blue Durango. He turned southbound on U.S. 33 from Carroll. Out with Allen County Units at Cook and 33 stopping vehicle, subject. I have video if needed.

Tuesday, September 28: 0753 U2 School traffic. 1030 U2 School check.

Wednesday, September 29: 0820 U2 School traffic. 1030 U2 School check.

Thursday, September 30:  0235 WC U4 Signal 8 Charlotte Avenue in reference to slashed tires. 0236 U4 10-23. And her mother’s vehicle had two slashed tires. Vehicle appeared to have sugar poured in the gas tank. She believes that AN is the person that did this. I talked to and she stated that she just got off work and came home.

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