Churubusco Police Report September 1-14

1600 U3 U1 C/P Behind a green Ford Windstar van coming into town. Weaving, speeding up and slowing down, Tossing beer cans from the RIGHT FRONT passenger window. Sig 27 With the van at the Lassus Station. Arrested LeVaughn F. Geiser Case #142958. DWS – Prior, OWI refusal, false informing, false & fic. Arrested Stacy Lynn Flye, Case #142958 Failure to I.D., public intoxication. Arrested Paige A. Kagin Case #142958. Failure to I.D., public intoxication. Note: The van was towed by Smith’s, the plate is F&F, Trying to find out who the actual owner is. Hold for registration, proof of insurance, ownership, licensed driver.

Thursday, September 2: 0700 U3 10-7 W3 In reference to case reports from last night. 1200 U3 – 10-8. 1330 WC U4 Signal 8 CVS in reference to a dump truck that  struck their building. 1331 U4  10-23 This happened Tuesday morning. I gave them the CAD number and took pictures. They called Servall and they said they would start an investigation and would call them back in 2-4 hours. CVS also stated they had a witness from the Ramble Inn that they were waiting to get a statement from.1359 U4 10-8. 2220 U2 IGA detail. 2232 U2 fuel. 2237 U2 VW Left of center, 142963 K. Habbit.

Friday, September 3: 1333 U2 School check. 1506 U2 VIN Recheck. 1531 U2 VIN check.

Saturday, September 4: 0248 WC Suspicious vehicle in the area of Blue Lake Road and 575 N. 0249 WC Vehicle is now possibly 10-70. 0251 U4 10-23 704. 0300 U4 10-8 Driver was 10-55. 0305 WC Subject at the Ramble Inn possibly passed out in the bathroom. 0307 U4 10-23. 0330 U4 10-8. Subject was from Loon Lake. He was awake and eating when I got there. Called his cousin from Columbia City to come and pick him up. 1014 U2 PI accident on US 33 and Washington, Simmons and Moore 142970. 2229 NC 10-10 At the LaOtto Fire Department. There is a wedding reception there. 2235 U4 10-23 Parties there had one subject on the ground and holding him there. Got him handcuffed and put into a squad car. 2253 U4 10-8.

Sunday, September 5: 0014 WC U4 Report of a barking dog on W. Pleasant Street. 0016 WC Suspicious ATV following the CP home in the area of US 33/Old US 33. 0018 U4 10-23 Found the ATV rolled over just off of US 33. 0043 U4 10-8 R12 Found the owners of the ATV on Old US 33. Not really sure what they were doing. 92-14 Had them retrieve the ATV and take it home for the night. 0047 U4 Found open door at Busco Auto Electric. 0055 U4 92-14 10-8 Didn’t find anything disturbed inside. Secured building. 0057 U4 Couldn’t hear any dogs on Pleasant Street at this time. 0353 WC U4 Noise complain in the area of 550 N. and East Drive. All county units are 10-6. 0354 U4 10-23. 0359 U4 10-8 Couldn’t get anyone to come to the door. Music was coming from an outside shed. I was able to turn the music off.0616 U2 Assist 92-7 in Collins. Vehicle crash. No driver. CAD 142977. 2223 CC Columbia City in pursuit heading north out of town on Lincoln Way. 2230 U4 Out at US 33/SR9. 2235 WC  U4 10-10 With battery at Blue Ridge Estates. All county units are with the pursuit. 2240 U4 10-23 Parties are separated. 2336 All units 10-8 Pursuit was terminated and 92-6 is working the battery case.

Wednesday, September 8: 2130 U11 On station to file complaint, filled out voluntary statement. I put it on unit 1’s desk with the rest. 2145 U11 Lock out at Legion. Got it. 2357 U4 Arrested for driving while never licensed, M. Turner of Churubusco.

Thursday, September 9: 1500 U11 T. Queitsch in to drop off appreciation gift for the department. Garry worked traffic for her son’s funeral and it meant a lot to her. 1730 U11 Disabled vehicle Main and Whitley. Stayed until roadway was clear.

Friday, September 10: 0820 CP Said his wife’s van was damaged  in the C&A Tool parking lot at Main and Whitley Streets. It happened on Tuesday. I spoke with suspect. Denied it and no one witnessed it. CAD only. 1030 92-3 DV at Main and Whitley. Pushed it out of the road, has help coming. 1045 92-3 Funeral detail.

Saturday, September 11: 0945 WC U11 Sent to dispatch a deer, E. of 9416 E. 205. 1000 U11 Spotted fawn. Pulled into woodline.

Sunday, September 12: 0046 WC U4 Unwanted party at Mill Street. 0047 U4 10-23 Are 10-56 Were asked to leave after an argument was started. The homeowner offered to take them home because of their condition and they refused. I gave them the choice of going with me or being given a ride by the homeowner. They took the ride from the homeowner. 0136 WC U4 Suspicious activity across from Staunton Avenue at Staunton Avenue. Arrived and found a dark green Pontiac with the passenger window broke out and the trunk open. A speaker box and subs were taken. Had a K-9 search the area and didn’t find anything. 0254 WC U4 Criminal mischief at N. Main Street. 0255 U4 10-23 Residence there had his front windshield broken. Suspects were warned of criminal trespassing.

Tuesday, September 14:  0900 U3 W/C County call Sig. 8 Clearview in reference to a child being harassed while walking home from school. 10-23 Spoke with mother. She stated her minor son was being harassed by three males in a black full size pickup with tinted glass. She stated it is occurring on West Whitley Street in the area where the sidewalk stops. She advised that her son does not know them. However he will have the camera on his cell phone at the ready should it ever happen again. I went through the school parking lot and did not ID any truck matching the description. 1655 U2 Unwanted party on Mill Street. Child custody problem between him and his wife. She wanted to take their child but she is suspended so she could not drive away. CAD 143016. 1834 U2 Lock out at school. Wednesday, September 15: 0845 U4 10-41 Court. 0925 U3 W/C Vin check at East Whitley Street $5. 1030 U3 Foot patrol at the school. 2200 U2 IGA detail.

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