Churubusco Police Report for October 17-26

Tuesday, October 19: 2300 WC 92-9 Lock out at BP. Got it. 2337 92-9 Citation. No or improper headlight, J. Beard. He and his girlfriend were stopped at Commerce Drive and 33. Made the comment that he was being harassed by the police because he was stopped earlier because he had a taillight out. I advised him that I stopped to make sure that everything was ok, so I wrote him a ticket.

Wednesday, October 20: 1000 U3 W/C Tx Karli at W11. Pled guilty. No court on the 27th. 1030 U3 School check. It’s still there. 1450 WC U4 10-50 In front of McDonald’s. 1452 U4 10-23. 1510 U4 10-8 Crash report made. 1934 WC 10-90 at Precision Sharpening. 1935 U4 10-23. Building is secure. Waited for key holder to arrive. 1945 U4 10-8.

Thursday, October 21: 2226 U4 Citation for driving while suspended infraction. M. Fair of Churubusco. 2248 U4 Verbal warning for speed, D. Rushenberg, of Elkhart. 2348 U4 Verbal warning for disregarding an automatic signal, J. Hall of Churubusco.

Friday, October 22: 0214 U4 Subject found behind Discount Tobacco store. Ran north into the field. 0435 All units 10-8. 0440 WC U4 Subject getting harassing phone calls and texts from her ex-husband at Coal Street. 0445 U4, 92-14 Out at Coal Street. 0505 All units 10-8 Checked on the children there and told the ex-husband to stop calling and texting tonight. 0750 U2 School traffic.

Saturday, October 23: 1000 U2 Picked up little dog West Whitley. He is in the town garage if anybody calls for him. There is food and water there. It does have chip in it but no one out at US 33 office. 2156 U4 Verbal warning for left of center, J. Turnbow of Churubusco.

Sunday, October 24: 0051 U4 Stopped for being parked behind the Magic  Wand. J. Caudill of Fort Wayne. One of his passengers was getting sick. He tested 0.00 on PBT. 0112 U4 Arrested for OWI first, OWI perse, and failure to Dim, K. Duncan of Churubusco.

Monday, October 25: 1600 U3 W/C Commercial 10-90 at Cohen’s Orthodintics, McCoy Drive. 10-23. New I.T. guy entered wrong door, tripped alarm. Subject sig. 80. Myself & 92-9 10-8. 1920 U3 W/C Lockout at Vandalia Apartments.

Tuesday, October 26: 1430 U2 School check. 1830 U2 Lockout at West Pleasant.

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