Churubusco police blotter

Nov. 6

0005 Lassus detail.

0745 school detail.

0748 property damage crash at Main Street and Home Avenue.

0927 crash report done and sent.

1106 tagged vehicle on Maple Street.

1116 tagged vehicle on Coal Street.

1119 tagged vehicle on West Whitley Street.

1430 school walk through.

1800 out at skate park. Reminded kids it closes at dusk.

1900 assisted stranded motorist at library.

Nov. 7

0730 assist county at residence on State Road 205, reference medical problem.

0745 school detail.

0920 subject on Coal Street. Called in and is getting car on Coal Street. Taken care of.

0950 records check.

1100 DeKalb County called for a copy of stolen vehicle recovery report.

1115 faxed report.

1530 subject in for a crash report.

2128 report to C&A reference employee theft.

2215 escorted the suspect to his car and warned him not to return.

Nov. 8

0755 school detail.

0930 C&A employee in to drop off statements. Not wanting to file charges, they fired him.

1021 subject in for a crash report.

1058 report to Brevins reference suspicious phone call. They figured it out.

1115 reckless driver southbound on U.S. 33 from County Road 700 North. I went north and didn’t pass it.

1210 lockout across from C&A.

1504 VIN check.

1703 lockout at Holiday Park.

1800 assist county possible hunter trespassing on County Road 300 North. Subject was on property that he had permission to be on.

1833 woman on phone yelling. Shows in the area of Mulberry and ark entrance. Unable to locate.

1942 disabled vehicle in area of U.S. 33 and County Road 300 North. Was in Allen County and is off the road. Had dispatch advised Allen County.

2000 assist county with possible breaking and entering, not in progress, at Blue Ridge. Not a breaking and entering.

Nov. 9

0750 school detail.

0850 traffic patrol in 600 block of South Main Street.

1000 traffic patrol at Kreager Drive and U.S. 33.

1330 out on Mill Street, reference a domestic battery.

1340 reckless driver southbound U.S. 33 from County Road 700 North. Followed subject and he was driving fine.

1420 reckless driver northbound U.S. 33 from County Road 300 North. Subject was just tired.

1630 Marshal arrested Shannon Bernardon for domestic battery.

1800 assist Noble County in reference to a car-deer crash on State Road 205.

2346 lockout at Lassus.

Nov. 10

0300 downloaded Unit 1’s video and took copies to jail.

0645 started case report.

0750 school detail.

1020 case report completed.

1310 subject stopped at police department and advised he would be in area for a couple of hours promoting his company.

2100 lockout.

2237 verbal warning for speed on U.S. 33 at Commerce Drive.

Nov. 11

0005 Lassus detail.

0447 citizen assist reference her outside door was stuck.

1300 a wallet was turned in.

2000 report to a residence on West Whitley Street, someone turned on her outside hose. Probably kids.

Nov. 12

0100 assist Allen County, their prisoner transport van struck a deer on U.S. 33 near McDuffee. They have four prisoners on board. Stood by until Allen County deputies arrived.

1519 VIN check.

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