Churubusco Police blotter

Oct. 16

0635 check a disabled vehicle at the county line and U.S. 33. Received another call. Disregarded this one.

0640 report of a suspicious vehicle in front of Sav U Mor, with a subject passed out inside. It’s OK, subject just sleeping. Told him to move on.

0750 school detail.

0925 property damage crash at Fort Financial.

1030 crash report completed.

1129 completed a case report.

1500 school detail.

1755 assist DCS at the library.

Oct. 17

0750 school detail.

0955 mailed citation to a Ngwe Hlaing reference stop arm violation.

1750 property damage crash.

1930 crash report complete.

2030 reckless driving grey passenger car pulled into Lassus. Citation to Khaing Myo Lwin for driving while suspended infraction.

Oct. 18

0601 car/deer crash on County Road 950 East.

0635 report of car/deer at U.S. 33 and County Road 300 North. Deer there and car was gone.

0656 crash report done.

0708 criminal history for Marine Corp.

0750 school detail.

1300 VIN check.

Oct. 19

0750 school detail.

1910 unwanted party on Fry Lane. A female subject warned of criminal trespass.

Oct. 20

0750 suspicious white Ford in front of Farmers and Merchants Bank. Subject waiting for bank to open.

0925 VIN check at NAPA.

1132 assist probation on Greenwood reference a warrant.

1145 served warrant and also charged Rickey Malott with possession of methamphetamine.

1314 property damage crash in front of McDonald’s.

1420 case report done.

1457 crash report done.

1851 neighborhood parking dispute on Wheatfield Court.

Oct. 21

2015 out on Wheatfield again about the parking dispute.

Oct. 22

1754 reckless driver black Nissan truck northbound U.S. 33. Arrested Danny Maggart for OWI. Tested with a BAC of 0.38 and was driving while suspended infraction.

2030 due to high BAC, had to take him to hospital and sit with him until his blood alcohol level came down.

0330 Finished at hospital.

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