Churubusco police blotter

Oct. 2

0750 school detail.

0850 car to Copsgear.

1045 funeral detail.

1225 served a search warrant on Main Street residence, reference follow up investigation.

1408 school walk through.

1633 report of reckless driver red vehicle. Stopped at BP, verbal warning for driving habits.

1646 reckless driver southbound on U.S. 33 from Turtle Town. Calling party said a silver Tacoma was tailgating and going 80 miles per hour. I passed them going in opposite direction and didn’t see a problem. County car passed them and the original cp was tailgating the Tacoma. County stopped her and told her to change her driving habits.

1916 alarm at STAR Financial. Was OK. Cleaning crew.

2059 hit-skip crash 5100 N. Blue Lake Road. Also struck CPD officer’s mailbox. County arrested Bryan Noland after officers caught him trying to run from a residence on Harrold Road.

Oct. 3

0005 Lassus detail.

0750 school detail.

1200 funeral detail.

1900 assisted county serving a body attachment on Steve Wineland.

Oct. 4

0750 school detail.

0830 suspicious male, white and bald, going from porch to porch on South Main Street. Spoke to a male standing on a porch who advised the subject got in a white car and went south on Main Street.

1400 all at the range for qualifications.

1530 VIN check on station.

Oct. 5

0750 school detail.

0804 one of the buses advised there was a vehicle in the ditch near Blue Ridge. Then they advised it had left. Found no property damage.

0939 subject called to advise his car was stolen, a black Impala, from a residence on East Pleasant Street Monday. He had no info to enter it will be waiting for him to bring in info.

1057 assist the county with a verbal altercation.

1120 assist DCS on Wheatfield Lane. Subject they are looking for also has a warrant. No contact.

2000 minor personal injury crash at Main and Clingerman involving a motorcycle. Citation issued for operating without an motorcycle endorsement.

2255 traffic stop, verbal warning for speed at U.S. 33 and County Road 375 North.

2346 attempt to locate a vehicle for LaGrange county. Unable to locate.

Oct. 6

0005 Lassus detail.

0041 traffic stop, verbal warning for speed at Main and Mill streets.

0049 citation for speed and no valid operators to Stefan Linden at U.S. 33 and Dana Drive.

0114 traffic stop, verbal warning for speed at Main and Mill streets.

0141 traffic stop, verbal warning for speed and U.S. 33 and Dana Drive.

1530 lockout at BRC.

1800 subject out walking west on State Road 205, further away than normal. Gave him a ride back home. Tried to contact mom but no answer.

Oct. 7

0005 Lassus detail.

0034 CCPD Chief Tony Hively called in three juveniles messing with junk that has been set out for pickup and messing with drivers going by on U.S. 33. Found them at Citgo. Contacted one guardian to come get one and took other to home reference curfew violations.

1040 found a black lab at the park. Took it to police department and kept him there awhile.

1140 took dog to shelter.

2010 a motorcycle southbound from Clingerman with no tail lights. Followed him to Citgo and had him call someone.

2116 report of debris in road at Churubusco News office. Part of the siding had came off building. Had fire department come remove rest, so no one got hurt or nothing got hit.

Oct. 8

0005 Lassus detail.

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