Churubusco police blotter

Sept. 4

1800 motorcycle in garage broke down in front of police department. Belongs to a Fort Wayne police officer.

Sept. 5

0521 someone called a vehicle on its side at the entrance to C&A Tool on U.S. 33. It was a boring machine.

0745 school detail.

0755 Kosciusko County deputy called and advised they had a purse stolen from a vehicle. A credit card was used at the Pride’s ATM. They also stole a gun.

0830 the officer is here to get his motorcycle.

0944 traffic stop, verbal warning for disregarding an automatic signal.

1345 elderly female no shoes is walking in area of State Road 205 and Anderson Road. Located her in front of school. Found a relative to come get her.

1500 school detail.

Sept. 6

0005 Lassus detail.

0730 bus 9 had a stop arm violation. I wasn’t close enough to get it.

0750 school detail.

0755 bus 29 had a stop arm violation. Suspect was northbound on U.S. 33.

1005 assist county by checking on a black Dodge truck cruising County Road 800 East, north of Anderson Road. Two days in a row. Unable to locate.

Sept. 7

0005 Lassus detail.

0750 school detail.

0908 property damage crash at U.S. 33 and Dana Drive.

0933 assisted sheriff’s department behind Brevin’s with vehicle search.

1016 dog running at large on Harvest Court. Sat in area for awhile and was unable to locate.

1202 crash report completed.

1300 subject called about a gun that he owns being confiscated last week. U-5 will call him and make arrangements to pick it up.

1500 school detail.

1524 property damage crash Dana Drive and U.S. 33.

2030 left message for gun owner.

2120 crash report completed.

2234 reckless driving semi, verbal warning for driving habits.

Sept. 8

0750 school detail.

1648 lockout at IGA.

1840 subject on State Road 205 near Indiana Avenue. Located him at home, some friends picked him up.

1855 a mother called in about her kids texting her and wanting come to her house. Custody issue. Is resolved for now.

Sept. 9

1030 funeral detail.

1912 reckless driver northbound on U.S. 33 from Johnson Road. Verbal warning for driving habits.

Sept. 10

1015 subject complaining about subject brake checking him. Didn’t realize he had damage until later. Talked to the suspect and he wasn’t very cooperative. Also had a complaint on same subject yelling and cussing at a different subject. Will discuss with marshal and prosecutor.

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