Churubusco Police blotter

April 2

1250 paperwork done an sent.

1600 follow up on three cases.

1800 follow up on child abuse case.

1914 assist county with a welfare check on Anderson Road.

2023 retrieved a needle in toe, 500 block of South Main Street.

April 3

0704 subject in reference his dog got away from him this morning while walking.

0735 dog located.

1615 drive off from Citgo. Subject just forgot to pay.

1825 semi tore down Mediacom lines on Clearview.

2300 Lassus detail.

April 4

0930 complaint of a gold Ford Focus parking on North Main Street in the two-hour parking. Will warn subject.

2300 Lassus detail.

April 5

1537 Precision Outdoors found a bag of clothes in lot. Will donate them if not claimed.

2300 Lassus detail.

April 6

1300 completed 16 letters to people who have one or more vehicle violations on their properties.

2300 Lassus detail.

2308 responded to a residence on North Mulberry Street, reference a child stole a PlayStation. He will be returning it.

April 7

2030 report of speeding vehicle northbound U.S. 33 from Carroll Road; a blue Chevrolet cobalt.

2040 Unable to locate.

2300 Lassus detail.

April 8

1600 dog running at large in 300 block of North Line Street. Unable to locate.

2300 Lassus detail.

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