Churubusco police blotter

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Jan. 15

1238 subject called about a crash report.

1300 paperwork done and sent.

2300 Lassus detail.

Jan. 16

0115 crash report completed and sent.

0950 school detail.

2300 Lassus detail.

Jan. 17

0745 school detail.

2211 suspicious male knocking on door trying to get in at McDonalds. He said he was there to take pictures of soda fountain area in preparation to move it. Told him to come back when they are open.

Jan. 18

0355 disabled vehicle at Precision Outdoors. Black Rav4 owner from North Webster.

0745 school detail.

1400 school walk-through.

2201 suspicious vehicle at Lassus. It’s sitting at the pumps unoccupied. When officer arrived, subject with a gas can pouring gas in it. He thought the station was closed and went to get gas.

Jan. 19

0745 school detail.

0755 assist Allen County at county line and State Road 205 reference a minor personal injury crash. They worked it.

0957 subject in reference a lost wallet needed a number for his handgun permit and a gave him a case number also.

1100 lady in that lives on Threshers Run reference some possible footprints around her house. Officer went and checked them out and they turned out to be made by an animal.

1500 school detail.

2230 assist county at personal injury crash near IU pond on U.S. 33. Possible drunk driver.

2251 reckless driver southbound U.S. 33, dark Charger. Driver OK, warned of driving habits.

2300 Lassus detail.

Jan. 20

0255 subject in to pick up her lost phone.

0324 reckless driver southbound U.S. 33 from County Road 650 East. Cited Tyrone Whitlock for driving while suspended infraction and warned of driving habits.

1305 911 hang up on Jewel Court. Domestic dispute. Neither subject wanted anything done.

1325 lockout at CVS.

1335 dog complaint on Chalotte. Advised owner that next time she would get a citation.

2300 Lassus detail.

Jan. 21

0100 alarm at Methodist church. Building was secure.

1200 female from yesterday’s domestic in wanting something done now. Wants to talk to original officer. Told her to come back at 2:30 p.m. The male subject then arrived and was told to come back at 3 p.m.

1215 subjects in reference a complaint of someone harassing them about a purse that was for sale online. Advised them of what to do.

1430 female from domestic back again. Didn’t really want anything done.

2300 Lassus detail.

Jan. 22

0915 paperwork done and sent.

0945 school detail.

1955 domestic and custody issue. Female will be contacting judge.

2300 Lassus detail.

Jan. 23

1120 assisted county with suicidal subject.

1500 bus detail.

1845 assist county with domestic at Blue Ridge. Male half leaving for the night.

Jan. 24

0745 school detail.

0756 property damage crash at Line and Washington streets. Pickup versus pole.

1500 bus detail.

1800 complaint of a car left on the Magic Wand lot. Been there for two days. Left a message for them to move their car.

1925 fight at Lassus. Domestic with battery. Male subject gone. Will long form for battery charges.

2300 Lassus detail.

2339 reckless driver northbound from Lassus station. Blue Dodge Durango. Stopped U.S. 33 and old 33. Verbal warning for failure to maintain lane.

Jan. 25

0750 school detail.

1230 meeting at jail.

1500 school detail.

1530 stop-arm violation. White Volkswagon southbound from Blue Lake Road. Unable to locate.

1540 traffic stop in the 100 block of East Whitley Street for driving habits.

1645 male subject in about custody issues with his ex. Wanted reports from the issues that have occurred at his ex’s to give his attorney.

1900 possible drunk driver in area of McDonalds, dispatch then lost contact with the subject. Now subject is east bound on State Road 205. Turned over to Allen County.

Jan. 26

0745 school detail.

0853 extra patrol at Faith Lutheran Church. Someone damaging lock on dumpster.

1040 subject in about someone hacking her Facebook account. Advised her of what to do.

1735 subject in about a wallet stolen at school. Advised them to contact unit two to review video. They had already reported it to a teacher.

Jan. 27

1000 report to residence on South Main Street about a note found in her mailbox.

2300 Lassus detail.

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