Churubusco Middle and High School cheerleaders unite

Pictured in the first row are Sierra Coil, Julia Pasko, Sheyenne Greve, Elaine Horn, Emily Murphy, Kendall King, and Kyriah Ramsey. Second row are Miranda Kelly, Sierra Hunsberger, Kalyn Geiger, Chelsey Penley, Mandi Krecik, Sydney Hunsberger, Emily Hively, and Peyton Hunsberger. Third row: Nicole Trump, Mariah Ramsey, Abby Richards, Callie Buesching, Halie Chapa and Amelia Barrett. Fourth row: Paige Roe, Danielle Pippenger, Kaitlyn Kanis, Haley Fulkerson, Janelle Gouwens, and Nichole Wormcastle.

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