Churubusco is a valuable community

A standing room only crowd was a testament to how the Amber family has contributed to this town, and one another as a family. Those who spoke delivered a touching and lasting tribute to this fine young man. I am certain that if all who wanted were allowed to speak we may still be there listening. Although there will be a void here in Busco physically, there will certainly not be a void spiritually. Nor in the memories of family and friends.

This one event is not only the reason Churubusco is a good town. The charitable actions seen, and unseen, acts of generosity bestowed upon others of lesser means by those of greater means demonstrates the heart of a people who know when to step up to the plate and do the right thing.

The unending volunteering of time and services by merchants, churches, and those wishing to remain anonymous see to it that children have uniforms, families have food, clothing and shelter. The charity of Churubusco, when given thought, rivals, and surpasses that of many communities greater in size. But certainly not in heart. This is a good place to live. May God bless the Amber family, may God bless Churubusco, and may God bless America.

Dave Cooper,


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