James Fehring

Churubusco High School 2010 Top Ten Seniors

2. Taylor Amber, daughter of Bob and Marna Amber, position 2, has a GPA of 11.02.

Her siblings are Ashton, Cameron and Carlin.

Her favorite class is Strength and Agility.

Her favorite teachers are Mr. Dock and Mr. Folland.

She is involved in volleyball, basketball, softball, National Honor Society and French Club.

Her future plans are to attend Huntington University to major in Pre-Med and play softball.

Words to live by are: “Put your behind in your past.” – Pumbaa

Hannah Dodson

3. Hannah Dodson, daughter of Don and Peggy Dodson, position 3, has a GPA of 10.88.

Her siblings are Ben, Nate, and Sam.

Her favorite class is Biology.

Her favorite teacher is Mr. Dock.

She is involved in volleyball, tennis, Student Council, National Honor Society, and working at a vet clinic.

Her future plans are to attend IU and study to become an Anesthesiologist.

Words to live by are: “Some pursue happiness, others create it!”

Jacob Raber

4. Jake Raber, son of Scott and Alicia Raber, position 4, has a GPA of 10.86.

His siblings are Sarah Hartman and Sammy Raber.

His favorite class is Spanish.

His favorite teacher is Mr. Folland.

He is involved in church youth group and works at I.G.A.

His future plans are attending Ball State for a degree in Computer Science.

Words to live by: “Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.” -Abraham Lincoln.

Shelby Sanders

5. Shelby Sanders, daughter of Curt and Val Sanders, position 5, has a GPA of 10.84.

She has one sister, Nikki.

Her favorite class is Visual Communications.

Her favorite teachers are Ms. Brown and Ms. Chambers.

She is involved in Art Club, Student Council, Campus Life and an internship.

Her future plans are to go to Ball State and major in Photography with a minor in Advertising.

Words to live by: “Life is a journey, not a destination.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Danielle Hartmann

6. Danielle Hartmann, daughter of Michael and Shawn Hartmann, position 6, has a GPA of 10.83.

She has one sister, Samantha Hartmann.

Her favorite class is Art.

Her favorite teacher is Mrs. Fleetwood.

She is involved in volleyball, Art Club, Student Council, National Honor Society, and is a hostess at Flanagan’s.

Her future plans are to play volleyball at the University of St. Francis with a Graphic Design major and Business minor.

Words to live by: “Be patient in affliction, joyful in hope, and faithful in prayer.” -Romans 12:12.

Kyrie Dreyer

7. Kyrie Dreyer, daughter of Steve and Lynne Dreyer, position 7, has a GPA of 10.68.

Her siblings are Zach, Megan, Tucker and Gabby.

Her favorite classes are Spanish and Psychology/ Sociology.

Her favorite teachers are  Mr. Smith, Mrs. Weilosinski, Mrs. Chambers, and Miss Brown.

She is involved in Spanish Club and National Honor Society.

Her future plans are to get working and build money for college and get a degree in Animal Sciences.

Amber Johnson

8. Amber Johnson, daughter of Sherry Johnson and Bill Johnson, position 8, has a GPA of 10.67.

Her siblings are Derek and Danielle.

Her favorite classes are Biology and Math.

Her favorite teachers are Mr. Wilkins and Mr. Matson.

She is currently in college. 

Her future plans are to complete a Bachelors of Science degree for a major as an RN and eventually complete her Master’s degree as a Nurse Practitioner, specializing in OB Nursing. She plans to get married, move further south and have four munchkins.

Words to live by: “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” -Dr. Seuss.

Mallory Geist

9. Mallory Geist, daughter of Mike Geist and Jenny and Mike Mohrman, position 9, has a GPA of 10.44.

She has one brother, Brad Geist.

Her favorite class is Econ or Math.

Her favorite teacher is Mr. Wilkins.

She is employed by Brevin’s and managed the wrestling team and likes to spend time with her family and friends.

Her future plans are to go to IU for Accounting and minor in Health Management then hopefully attend grad school for Health Management.

Words to live by: “People change, things go wrong; just remember, life goes on.”

Alexander McDowell

10. Alex McDowell, son of Gary and  Vikki McDowell, position 10, has a GPA of 10.29.

His favorite class is Government.

His favorite teacher is Mr. Smith.

He is involved in New Era, Tennis, NE12, National Honor Society, Spanish Club, musicals, plays, HANDS, 4-H, and Youth Group.

His future plans are to attend Ball State University and major in Business. He has recently been accepted into the “Ball State University Singers.”

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