Singer kisses pig

Churubusco Elementary holds “penny war”

Each teacher was assigned a bucket for students to put money in. Pennies added to the total, while bills or any kind of silver coin took away from the teachers’ totals. In the end, CES raised $1,315.38—of which $986.54 will go to Mrs. Bartlett and $398.84 will go to Riley Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis. The five teachers with the most money in their buckets—along with the teachers with the least amount of money in their buckets—kissed the farm animals of the students’ choice on Thursday at an afternoon assembly. 


(CES students recently participated in a “Penny War” to raise money for teacher, Cindy Bartlett. Each class was assigned a bucket to put money in. The students raised $1,315.38. Elementary Principal, Nicole Singer, along with a number of teachers got to kiss a calf or a pig for their effort. The calf was provided by Mel and Susie Egolf. photo by wagner)

Singer handed out breath mints and put lipstick on to kiss both the calf and piglet. What a sport! The top five teachers were Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Pugh, Mrs. Landrum, Mrs. Lange and Mr. Smith. The bottom five teachers were Mrs. Naragon, Mrs. Lee, Mrs. Ray, Mrs. Lantz and Mrs. Crum. Mrs. Thomas was also chosen to kiss a cow. 

The piglets were provided by the Kyle Johnson family, while Mel and Susie Egolf, with the help of Brandon Chordas, provided the calf.

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