Churubusco Child Care Center Auction is a success

I want to Thank Jerry Ehle ~ our wonderful auctioneer and Stephanie Krider ~ our awesome caterer for their Generous Support of the Child Care Center by donating their time to our evening. How wonderful they were and I cannot explain the pride I have knowing that people still care and give as openly as they do, Thanks so much!!!! 

Thanks to all the community members that stopped in to donate items and thanks to the local businesses that donated items! You all are so generous! Thanks to the Churubusco Rotary for allowing me to drop in on their meetings all September long to beg for people to buy tickets and donate items. You guys are truly a generous lot of people! We are lucky to have all of you in our community!

Thanks to the park for letting us use the Scout Building and Thanks so much to the Boy Scouts for scheduling their meeting around our night!!! You all ROCK!!!!

Thanks to all the board members for their time and effort in our evening and throughout the last six months! Thanks to all the Churubusco Child Care Center’s teachers for their various talents of making items, donating items, and volunteering time! Everything has to work together for us to have pulled off such a successful evening for our very first time at this!  We were hoping for $3k and we surpassed that so we are very happy! Thanks to everyone who bought tickets, even though I did not see some of you there, it was a great way to donate to the daycare! Thanks for those who showed up at the door to buy tickets and then spent their hard earned money on items for the daycare to benefit! Some items went well below fair market value and other items went way above fair market value! That’s the way an auction goes and we could not have done it with- out our auctioneer Jerry, he was great! Thanks to the people that he picked on, “Frank,” you are a great sport! Thanks to all!!! 

We will be having another auction next year and hoping to top this year! So be on the look-out for us next September bothering you to come to our auction again!!! 

Don’t forget that Churubusco Child Care Center is a not for profit organization and all donations are tax deductible! 

Also, on another note please continue to vote for the Churubusco Child Care Center on (website) or  (link) for the month of November! We rolled over so we can continue our quest to get our 50k Grant! Please help us!!! If you go to the website, search for Churubusco Child Care Center on the Pepsi site, then click on vote for this idea and it will open a window that you can click on the left to log on via Facebook, then vote for this idea again and then sign out, THEN click on vote for this idea again and the window opens up, type in your email on the right to vote as well. You can also text 102952 to PEPSI (73774) *standard messaging rates apply*.

If you go to the link, it will bring up a page of 10 ideas, we are in “an alliance” with these 10 groups; they vote for us, we vote for them. Click on vote for this idea and do the same thing, vote on the left with Facebook, vote for all 10 of us, sign-out and then vote on the right with email. You can vote for 10 different ideas a day but only one idea at a time, You can only vote for our idea once a day for every email address you have (five e-mail addresses you can vote for us five times plus Facebook and texting). You may need to register with Pepsi if you have not visited their site before when you vote with your email, but after the first time, you will just have to sign in your email, password and their random security word to vote. I have pretty much walked you through how to do it, so please take a minute a day at lunch or while waiting for something to download and just vote for us each day! What an EASY and PAINLESS way to get our Child Care Center $50,000! 

Again this year we will be sending out our “Annual Give Letter.” That should be going out in the next few weeks. We have made a few changes that you can now donate via Facebook! Check out our Facebook page ~ search on Facebook ~ Churubusco Child Care Center and then click on the “donate now” tab! It is through paypal so it is a secure donation site! You will still get a tax deduction letter before February for your taxes when you use this site. 

Thanks Again for supporting our not for profit Child Care Center!

Tonya Stanford

Proud Parent, Proud Community Member and President of the Churubusco Child Care Center Board of Directors

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