CHS to present ‘Fools’ November 20-21

Turtletown will soon meet Kulyenchikov, a remote village in the Ukraine. However, this is no ordinary village. Kulyenchikov has been burdened with a 200 year-old verse, wait, I mean curse. What kind of curse you ask? A curse of stupidity. That’s right, the citizens of Kulyenchikov are doomed to be stupid unless a young girl in the village will either marry a descendant of the cursing party or if she can learn something; that is where young Leon, a school teacher, comes in. He adopts the mission of educating Sophia, much to his frustration. So will Leon be successful and free the village from the horrible purse, wait, I mean curse? You’ll just have to see the show to find out.

The cast members are Zane Sade, Harrison Sade, Taylor Sordelet, Colleen Bishop, Avery Dirr, Cole Anderson, Kelsy Listenberger, Cassandra Petrie, Hayden Dirr, and Shannon Kuznar. The cast will be collecting patronages to help support the CHS Fine Arts Department until October 31. These patronages help maintain the theatre and its equipment. If you would like to donate and are not asked by a cast member, you may contact Harold Norman at 693-2965. Tickets will be $5 each and will be available from all cast members soon. The show is in need of various set pieces and props including old, primitive, block-looking furniture (a sofa, chairs, table, etc.), an old wooden barrel, old crates, and other items that could help dress the set to appear as a remote Russian village around the 1600s-1890s. If you would like to loan any items to be used in the show, contact Kayla at (260) 750-5889.

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