Cheers, Jeers & Whatabouts ~ November 17, 2010

CHEERS TO: The Churubusco Football Team for a huge win Friday night. You guys looked great and were unstoppable on the field. Football is not only a physical sport but also a mental one. BELIEVE you can beat L. Central Catholic because I do after watching you Friday. Good job guys!

-M. Smith

CHEERS TO: The Boy Scouts for their successful Food Drive Saturday, November 13. They collected 450 plastic bags of food from Busco and area residents. This was divided between the St. John Bosco Catholic Church and Churubusco United Methodist Church Food Pantries. A big “THANKS” to all who donated and to the leaders and parents who helped make this happen.

-St. John Bosco and Churubusco United Methodist Church Food Pantries

CHEERS TO: Everyone who helped make this year’s Scouting for Food drive such a success. AND CHEERS TO: All  the Scouts and parents. CHEERS TO: Egolf’s IGA for their generous food donation and all the plastic bags. CHEERS TO: Sav-U-Mor for their generous food donation. AND CHEERS TO: Ron Morris and the Churubusco United Methodist Food Pantry. AND CHEERS TO: Jim Daniels and the St. John Bosco Catholic Church Food Pantry. AND CHEERS TO: The Churubusco News for help in printing the flyers, and most of all, A BIG CHEERS TO: All the good people of Churubusco for filling the bags and making the donations. We collected over 2,000 food items for those in need in our community this year. Every year, the awareness and participation in this event seems to get stronger and stronger. The generosity of the people of Churubusco always comes through. This town has a Scouting program and a sense of generosity that should make us all proud. AND CHEERS TO: All the folks who work so hard to maintain and manage the local food pantries at the United Methodist Church and St. John Bosco Catholic Church. The Scouts help out once a year, but you all work hard all year long to make sure that no one in our community needs to go hungry. It is a privilege to be able to do our part with our annual event.

-The Scouting units of Churubusco  

CHEERS TO: The Busco school and students for the great Veterans Day program. NO CHEERS for all the local veterans that didn’t attend. You could at least show your gratitude to the students! They are our future veterans to protect our freedom.

-Richard Green,


CHEERS TO: All the Cross Country parents and athletes who worked the concessions at the football games. A lot of hard work was given by all to make it a success. I heard numerous times how fast and pleasant the concessions were compared to other schools. Until next year . . .

-Another CC parent

CHEERS TO: The Churubusco Football Team and coaches for a great game Friday night. You looked like a number one team on the field and we are so proud of you. Good Luck this Friday – we know you can do it again! AND WHATABOUT:  Everyone going to the Semi-State game at Lafayette Central Catholic School and cheering the team on to another victory. Let’s ALL make some noise and show the other school just how much spirit we have and how much we love our Busco Football Team. Also, if you are in town around 1:45 p.m. on Friday, whatabout coming to the back of the school and giving the team a little pep rally of our own before they get on the bus to leave. The bus will be leaving at 2 p.m. Bring your signs and noisemakers! Go Busco!

-The Football Moms

WHATABOUT: The football moms selling air horns for the Semi-State game. We can have noise makers as long as they are not battery operated.  If you are interested in making SOME NOISE Friday night please contact Liz Arvola at 693-0524 or Tina Adams at 693-0764 and we will meet up with you to get these awesome air horns to you.  The cost is $10 and well worth the money to help cheer the team on to another victory. Thanks for all your support  –  Go Busco!!

-Liz Arvola

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