Cheers, Jeers & Whatabouts ~ November 16, 2011

CHEERS TO: All the town residents who made the effort to vote in last Tuesday’s election. Turnout was much improved from 2007. Your participation is appreciated.

-Frank Kessler, A Town Council member

JEERS TO: The person who hit our dog on Monday, November 14 around 6:30 a.m. in front of our house on 900E. I take full blame for the dog getting into the roadway but I blame you for not stopping to let me know so that I could be with him when he died instead of letting him lay on the roadway and die alone.

-Kathy Shively, Churubusco

JEERS TO: The carpet cleaning business man who wouldn’t let his emloyee (who is in the military) have Friday off to fulfill his duties for his country! He told his employee he’d better get his priorities straight and be at work on Friday or he wouldn’t have a job. What a jerk!

-Jean Haynes

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