Cheers, Jeers & Whatabouts ~ November 10, 2010

CHEERS TO: Our Football Team on Friday night’s victory! You played hard and dug deep after a rocky start. Busco showed who had the most dominant LeFever on the field! Each week, it is not if, but when, we will see one of those double-Kyle 5 gamebreaking plays! The field goal at the end was sweet icing on the cake. Every player was vital to Friday night’s victory. Playing as a team is not just a reminder in the locker room, but a reality each week for the 2010 Busco team. We’re behind you all the way!

-Rick Van Horn

CHEERS TO: The Ladies Auxiliary for the wonderful job they do at the Feather Bingo. My husband and I had a FUN time again this year.  Thank you for helping make this a pre-Thanksgiving tradition. See you at the BBQ BINGO in May.

-Scott and Deanna Woods


CHEERS TO: The Smith-Green Elementary School for their fall collection of food for the Churubusco United Methodist Church Food Pantry. You are to be commended for your caring attitude to those families in our community and surrounding area who are experiencing difficulties during these uncertain economic times. Bless you one and all.

-Ron and Marna Morris for the CUMC Food Pantry

JEERS TO: The person or persons who stole my Halloween decorations, a black cat on my porch and a spider. If you would like the boxes for them, I’ll put them on the porch too.

-Joanne Pressler

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