Cheers, Jeers & Whatabouts ~ January 5, 2011

CHEERS TO: Tim Pittenger for coming to our aid when we ran out of gas on SR 205. Even though you pretended to yell at us so cars would think we did something wrong, we love you. Stay safe in 2011!

-Larry and Kathy Shively

CHEERS AND THANK YOU TO: Green Township 4-H Club for the basket filled with items for the baby. Thank you for thinking of me.

-Nicole Pippenger

JEERS TO: The person or persons who stole the generator at Cam’s sign on U.S. 33. The young man that put the generator by the sign paid for it himself to honor Cam. You clearly have no honor. Even though we have no idea who you are, Cam does!!!

-Larry, Kathy and Leslie Shively

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