Cheers, Jeers & Whatabouts ~ December 29, 2010

CHEERS AND A BIG THANK YOU TO: Green Township 4-H Club for the Christmas goodies and the Christmas Carols.

-Paul and Tootie Konger

CHEERS TO: The Eager Beaver Green Township 4-H Club for their caroling and the large box of goodies presented to us. It’s refreshing to see young people take the time to remember the older generation. God bless all of you.

-Art and Carol Resler

WHATABOUT: The Helgesen family having a fun scavenger hunt on Christmas Eve. They would like to thank Valero, McDonald’s and Pat Ray for helping out with the scavenger hunt. Sorry, Pat, I guess we didn’t describe your house good enough. They only missed yours. Thanks for taking part.

-Marilyn Helgesen family

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