August 5, 2009

CHEERS TO: Churubusco Youth League board  for organizing the awards day celebration.

-An appreciative family

CHEERS TO: Marla Martinez, Cullen Fisher, jesse Lich, Camille Cseri, and Christian Cseri for representing Churubusco on the columbia Ciy Summer Swim Team. All five played an important roll in helping the team  to a 4-1 record. Pete Johnston Invitational Chyamps, and a ninth place finish at the City Champnship meet. A special CHEERS TO: Cullen who was named the 13-14 Boys High Point winner. Christian who was named Eight-Under Boys High Point Winner, and Jesse who was named 15 & Over Boys Most Improved. Great Job to all of you!

-Assistant Coach, Andy Schemm

WHATABOUT: Buying reserved parking spots for all home football games? The cost is $25 for the season. Contact Dawn Greve at 693-6198.

-Football Moms

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