Cheers and Jeers

CHEERS to the gentleman who found my purse along U.S. 33 in ’Busco. Thank you so much for turning it in to the police department. I thought I would never see it again. Many thanks.

— Sandy Aldrich.

JEERS to whatever committee it is that keeps deciding not to allow any more fast food restaurants to be built in Churubusco. I can understand that ’Busco wants to attract businesses that offer higher pay. And that is a good idea for any town. However, the people who already work here need to have more options for lunch! ’Busco has one drive thru…….ONE. Yes, there are a few other restaurants here, but they don’t have a drive thru. A 30-minute lunch break does not allow time for a sit down meal, not to mention that the cost of a sit down meal can get a bit pricey. Not always an option for a five-day work week. So come on ’Busco! Please consider the people who already live and work here! Give us more options!!! I’m sure there are plenty of teenagers who would benefit from learning work skills in the fast food business. Many of us started out in the workforce that way.

— Sandie Benedict

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