Cameras likely coming to park

By Nicole Minier

CHURUBUSCO — Churubusco’s Town Park will likely have camera surveillance in the future.

Park Director Rick Krider has been working with several companies to explore the town’s options for cameras — everything from solar-powered devices to running a trench through the park’s wooded area to hardwire cameras.

“The town could help us out as far as the trenching,” Krider said. “It would be a much cheaper option that solar powered cameras.”

In light of safety concerns following the tragic death of two young girls in Delphi, the cameras would improve safety and security for children at the park.

“With the things the way they are today, we should take a look at making the park more secure,” Krider said.

Krider didn’t get any hard estimates, but said solar cameras would be “thousands of dollars,” versus the less-expensive hard-wired cameras.

The video feed could be monitored by park employees as well as police officers — who can pull up the footage on their phones.

Krider will return to the council with more information at a future meeting.

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