Bye, bye America

I recently viewed a news clip of a television reporter asking Representative Charles Rangle (D) New York a question, and then the reporter being told it “was none of your G. D. business.” Bye, bye America.

I was watching as a House panel was grilling the auto executives and berating them for flying to Washington, D. C. on the corporate jets, then I read that Congress has recently ordered a few more Gulfstreams for themselves. Bye, bye America.

I have watched as the current occupant of the White House has appointed several czars to advise him. Tax cheats, Marxists, Socialists, Communists, domestic terrorists, all without the vetting process of being nominated, questioned by the Senate, and voted on for approval or disapproval. Bye, bye America.

In Massachusetts, a law forced through the state by then Senator Kennedy to make sure a Democrat was appointed by then Governor Romney (a republican) is now trying to be overturned so the now Governor (a democrat) can appoint another Democrat to the Senate for the vacated seat of the deceased Senator Kennedy. Bye, bye America.

In Vermont we have the nut case Senator Leahy. He is pushing for “truth commissions” to look into the Bush administration. Bye, bye America. 

Congress has put us on track for a nine trillion dollar deficit. Bye, bye America.

I viewed a clip about a “new” investigation by Attorney General Eric Holder into abuses of detainees by the CIA. News flash to Eric . . . it’s already been one! Bye, bye America.

And of course, something not new, but noteworthy anyway. The printing of the cap and trade bill at three a.m. to be voted the same day. But, hey, what the heck, it was only 1,427 pages. Representative John Conyers did complain about being heckled by his constituents to “read the bill, read the bill.” His response, “We don’t write the bills, the lawyers do.” By the way, cap and  trade will add $.77 to a gallon of gasoline. Bye, bye America.

And let us not forget we have 17 members of Congress under ethics investigations. But wait a minute, they are investigating themselves! Bye, bye America.

Oh yes, there was that matter of $90,000 wrapped in aluminum foil in Representative Jefferson’s freezer in Louisiana. Nothing like having some cold, hard cash on hand, Huh? 

And who do we have to blame for all of this? No one but ourselves. What we, the electorate need to do is make a pact with each other. For example, if someone out in, say, Iowa, doesn’t like one of the nine Representatives or two Senators from Indiana they could let us in Indiana know what they don’t like and maybe, just maybe we could vote them out. Or maybe we could do what just happened in Japan, and vote them all out! Maybe we could demand Congress stop writing bills and repealing many of what they have passed. Now there is a novel idea. No more new spending.

Really dear editor, enough is just enough. To be perpetually insulted by the Executive Branch, and Legislative Branch is more than we deserve. Little wonder we are all discouraged.

Dave Cooper,


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