Busco Police Log Nov. 15-27

Monday, November 16: Complaining about Clingerman Avenue in reference to loose 10-11’s and loud noise. Neighbor has tried to talk with the female and has gotten nowhere. I told him when the dogs are out to call us and if the music is too loud to call us. I will stop by and tell her again to keep dogs on her property. Also excessive barking; Dawson vs. Griffin. No alcohol cad#141723.

Wednesday, November 18: Valero in reference to a truck that has been parked there for about two hours. Talked to and told him he had to move on. He was parked at the pumps. He then wanted to start arguing about me making him leave. I then told him that if he did not leave he would be going to jail. Drives a black Chevy truck. He then went to McDonald’s to work on his truck. He is a known resister thru Allen County. Think he may be a little 10-96; Pickup with open door on Maple Lane and South Main. The door on the truck was hard to close.

Thursday, November 19: Vehicle crash US 33 close to IU pond. He thinks he fell asleep. Has Rohrer’s pull him out. No accident report 141/36. Citation passing school bus while unloading. Subject stated he realized it to late too stop on wet pavement; Unwanted party 200E. He took his washer and dryer and was told not to come back on the property; Unwanted party at Busco One Stop. I guess has been coming in bothering the help and taking hand fulls of straws. He was told today that he was not to be on the property anymore and I also spoke with (owner) and he also stated he did not want him on the property anymore.

Monday, November 23: Subject on station to report theft. Subject stated he moved out of 314 South Main at the end of October. The landlord is now missing a dresser and a sofa from that apartment #2. He wanted to report it stolen. He did have a lamp in the truck that he took by mistake and was going to return it. He advised he was two months behind in rent; Semi took down a power line at Mulberry and Egolf Streets. Medic 140 observed truck leaving the scene at a high rate of speed on 205 towards LaOtto. Medic 140 is following the semi traveling 70-75 mph passing Wesley Chapel; Sig. 27 with Semi northbound on old 3 from 205 in LaOtto. Avilla 5 Lawson is out with me. Citation for leaving the scene of  a property damage crash. Per Matt Rentschler subject signed promise to appear for Monday, November 30. Collected statements from Egolf Street, took photos of pole and damage to a yard. I’ll complete the report and case report Tuesday morning.

Tuesday, November 24: CP report of light pole down at Fort Financial; Confirmed damage, also at NAPA, left note for them to call when in. Returned at 8:30. They have video of a General Logistics truck causing damage. Spoke with GM. He stated he is sure he knows who the driver is that did the damage, and that he would talk to me. Received a call from him. He admitted to the damage. He came to W3 for an interview. Read Miranda and he wrote and signed a confession. Signed promise to appear in court on Monday. Citation for leaving scene of property damage crash.

Wednesday, November 25: W3 in reference to Swinehart/Goelz property damage report; School detail; Received fax for truck info from 10-50 at Fort Financial. W3 in reference to Fort Financial 19-50 and case report. Case report still not done; School check; 10-50 at U.S. 33 and Thresher Run, CAD 141762; 10-50 unknown U.S. 33 and Blue Ridge. Car in ditch. He is ok. Just pd cad 141763.

Thursday, November 26: CP on station to report he has been receiving threats from who lives in Ohio. Owes him money and when he called to get the money, advised he was coming over to his mother’s residence on 33 to get a shotgun and head to residence in Shady Grove.

Friday, November 27: Suspicious light at Turtle Run. Trash truck; U2 accident at 33 and Blue Lake Road. No one hurt. Pole snapped off. Pole is still standing, CAD 181136.

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