’Busco Police log: May 30-June 5


1010 three handgun permits.

1207 at valero reference: a theft; case pending.

1300 female called in reference her son hasn’t been returned from visitation. she is worried for his safety since they went canoeing. he was located and returned.

1545 at valero reference: video of theft.


0917 tagged pickup truck on line st.

0933 tagged pickup truck on greenwood.

1048 tagged car on maple ln.

1050 tagged pickup truck on maple ln.

1052 tagged pickup truck on maple ln.

1250 talked to subject about dirt and dust on greenwood where the new water line is going in, then spoke to jeremy about it.

1549 p.d. crash madden & duglay roads. assisted allen co. with traffic.

1755 Meet at cvs reference: theft.

1830 lockout at valero.

2145 possible domestic dispute on e. whitley st. made contact with male and he is in ft. wayne. allen co. sending someone to check.


0912 tagged car on mill st.

0930 traffic patrol clingerman & main st.

1252 subject in reference a property damage crash from last week, they’re trying to work it out.

1600 female in to advise she will be selling fireworks at 215 s. main st. she has also been having a problem with a male subject she wants us to be aware of.

1845 female in to advise she is on medical equipment that reqiures electicity. she wanted us to know in case of an emergency.

1900 lost child in the park. while looking for child father discovered he had went home.

2256 report of two female juveniles spray painting around town. located them, called parents and referring them to probation.


1030 semi parked at turtle town plaza. tried to make contact with driver, to no avail. contacted company and they said they would have him move it.

1040 left a list of spray paintings on unit-2’s desk.

1341 subject in reference tagged truck on greenwood. it’s taken care of.

1524 c/p in and said his attorney said we needed to do something about his ex not transferring title as ordered. told him that’s not our problem. if the plates are expired we will deal with that. the other is civil.

2005 county asked if we could do a vin check at blue ridge. completed.


0532 two tagged pickup trucks on maple ln. taken care of.

0900 pickup truck on n. line st. taken care of.

1436 reckless semi southbound on u.s. 33. noble co. deputy will write the ticket.

1701 verbal warning for speed.

1723 reckless driver s.b. u.s. 33. pulled in to brevins. driver checked ok.

1900 units out at graduation.


1900 subject on station reference a fraud through a fake paypal account.


1920 subject on station reference custody exchange questions.

2000 complaint of property damaged on n. main st.

2003 the subject’s vintage vehicle was sprayed with gravel from a reckless driver.

2154 lockout on raspberry ln.

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