Busco Men’s Golf League at Eel River

Wednesday Gold Div. II

Terry Geiger and Andy Norris 99; Brant Henning and Weston Issler 99; Ben Shaffer and Vic Trowbridge 97; Ken Garrison and Dan Alspach 93; Charlie Geiger and Bill Gourly 91; Thomas Brumbaugh and Zack Sorg 88; Bruce Hoffman and Kevin Cearbaugh 60; Kyle and Louie Geiger 54.

Low Scores

Terry Geiger 33; Ben Shaffer 37; Thomas Brumbaugh 38.

Wednesday Black Div. I

James Millikan and Vince Schultis 119; Jason Senters and Corie Bursey 90; Marc Shoda and Mike Couch 90; Kevin and Dick Michel 78; Tom Miller and Billy Tallent 75; Ken Hobson and Ed Bower 69; Phil Ross and Terry Bock 68; Martin and Jack Dunifon 52.

Wednesday Black Div. II

Aaron McClure and Kevin Blevins 104; Greg Bianski and  Ron Dickerhoof 94; Jeff Stilwell and Chad Stillwell 93; Bryan Bianski and Brock Diederich 93; Don Dodson and Mark Boggs 93; Doug  and Bruce Richman 89; Ned Egolf and Brent Gaff 82; Brian Bridge and Fred Fisher 65.

Low Score

Brock Diederich 37.

August 25

Thursday Grey Div. I

Tyler Haire and Josh Pancoast 115; Jason Knisely and Larry Minter 113; Terry and Trent Shively 101; Mike Philbee and Jerry Paris 91; Todd Clark and Todd Fry 89; J. R. and James Ford 61; Terry Younghans and Dusty Rouch 59; Paul and Adam Lich 45.

Low Scores

Tyler Haire 34; Larry Minter and Mike Philbee 37; Josh Pancoast 39.

Thursday Grey Div. II

Cy Imbody and Bruce Wright 112; Bob Lewis and Jim Clugston 102; Errol Creech and Bill Miller 98; Darrell Patton and Mike Akers 91; Josh Myers and Justin Baily 87; John Clevenger and Everett Zolman 73; Josh Rector and Austin Manth 69; Don Harter and Steve Yager 40.

Low Scores

Cy Imbody 38; Bruce Wright, Errol Creech 39.

Thursday Blue Div. I

Ted Shodel and John Barrett 110; Terry and Justin Herendeen 110; Kelly Marquardt and Bob Bufkin 103; Bryan Bianski and John Myers 91; Bob Simmons and Jerry McCoy 86; Rob Bufkin and Randy Neith 80; Adam Bianski and Jason Young 79; Harold Fairchild and Paul Conrad 49

Thursday Blue Div. II

Tommy Payton and Corie Bursey 116; Bob Sloffer and Roger Crook 104; Bill Pappe and Jim Eppelmann 94; Mickael Bufkin and Eric Fox 87; Pat McGuire and Francis Harter 77; John and Jeremy Hart 76; Bill Keim and Andy Candor 62; Brian Harter and Paul Sick 18.

Low Scores

Tommy Payton 36; Roger Crooks 39.

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