’Busco man arrested for attempted arson

CHURUBUSCO — A Churubusco man faces charges of attempted arson after an alleged incident earlier this month.

Police arrested Travis Grams, 30, of North Main Street, after a lengthy investigation that began in August.

According to a police report, a person called police after noticing a man dressed in a suit behaving oddly on his property.

The person told police the man took a tire and leaned it against one of his vehicles, then returned later to pour a substance, later determined to be gasoline, near the back of the vehicle.

The third time the man returned, he had a bottle of whiskey with a paper towel wick inserted into it, then lit the wick and placed the bottle under the vehicle.

The last time the suspect returned, he took a hammer and tapped on the back windows of vehicles.

The person who made the report had video surveillance of his home and provided photo and video footage to police. The man was later identified to be Grams, police allege, due to his attire and his gait.

Police executed a search warrant at Grams’ residence and found three black suits, as well as a gas can that looked similar to the one used at the person’s home. The can was missing the spout.

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