Brumbaugh wins week 14 of Beat Big Daddy

Tom Brumbaugh retains the lead with 143 points but Tom Geiger has closed the gap by picking up six points in the last two weeks to give him 142 on the year. Mitch Hoffman is in third with 141 while Ralph Duffitt, Jeremiah Hansen and Chad Keener have 140 points. Juli Sordelet is in seventh with 138 and just behind her are John Schmidt and Wes Gardner with 137. Ken Brumbaugh, Joe Meriwether and Shane Manth all have 136 points to close out the top ten. 

I went for too many upsets this week on my attempt to move up the rankings. Oh well, just like the Cub fans always say, “Wait til next year.” It looks to be an interesting race to the finish as the lead has been trimmed and just seven points separate the top ten contestants. Let’s see who can come out on top and who can Beat Big Daddy in week 15.

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