Board approves Teacher Mentors at Smith-Green

In other Board news:

• The School Board unanimously adopted the 2010-11 Budget as presented. The proposed Budget includes approximately $9.3 million for the General Fund, $1.5 million for the Capital Projects Fund (CPF) and $530,000 for the Bus Replacement Plan.

• Business Manager Todd Fleetwood reported that the auction held at the school last Saturday was a success, raising $2,743.50 and clearing out storage space and unwanted items. The auction rarely raises more than $1000.

• Superintendent Steve Darnell reported a 1.5% increase in student enrollment for the 2010-11 school year based on the official Student Count Day held last Friday.

• Principal Couch presented the freshmen Student Council members, representing the entire freshmen class, as the Spotlight on Success. As part of a “Commitment to Graduate” campaign, every freshman student signed a banner and verbally acknowledged his or her commitment to graduate before shaking Couch’s hand to seal the deal. Couch said he encourages the Class of 2014 to “take the wheel” and take charge of their education and opportunities.

“Aside from the benefits I see for the community and school that such a class offers,” Couch said, “I see the opportunity for these young men and women to experience firsthand the value and character involved in commitment. As role models, they will undoubtedly be a positive influence on our school learning community.”

The next regular scheduled Board meeting will be Monday, October 4, at 7 p.m. in the Administrative Building.

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