Blue Lake Association members put in sweat equity to preserve eastern shoreline

Due to a prevailing west wind, the shoreline behind J K Mac’s flower shop on the east end of the lake has been slowly deteriorating.
“The island is only half of what it used to be,” said Jerry McClure, Association Treasurer.
The Association applied for a Lake and River Enhancement (LARE) Grant through the State, which paid for 75 percent of the project to stabilize 705 feet of the public shoreline. The Association was responsible for the other 25 percent. The club only had to put up five percent in cash–as they are working off the other 20 percent, McClure said, which will save them $12,000.
Though they hoped to complete most of the project on Saturday, McClure said they will take all the volunteers they can get for future work on the project.
Volunteers put coir logs made of nylon mesh filled with coconut fiber into place along the eroding shoreline at the normal height of the lake. Although the logs were exposed due to the currently decreased water level, McClure said once a nice rain falls the logs will be under water. The logs, which came pre-drilled with holes in which to place aquatic plants, will deteriorate within five years, giving the plants time to take root.
Volunteers then moved 25 ton of river rock by pontoon and then by bushel baskets to place in front of the mesh core logs.
As a final measure to preserve the shoreline, the volunteers planned to stretch a layer of mesh fiber covered with straw from the logs up onto the shore and then sew seeds of wild flowers and grass to heavily root and stabilize the bank.
The Association would like to extend a special thanks to Dan Millikan of Precision Sharpening for providing the use of a skid loader to grade dirt for the project.

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