Black Pine Animal Sanctuary warns of unauthorized solicitation

Black Pine has received multiple inquiries from business people and citizens looking to confirm if someone in Churubusco has been authorized to request donations on behalf of the non-profit animal refuge.  Officials at the organization wish to be clear that if approached by anyone offering postcards or other fliers that do not bear Black Pine’s name and detailed information regarding the purpose of the solicitation, the activity is probably not authorized, and any contributions made may not be for the benefit of the animal residents or Black Pine’s education programs.  At least two reports to Black Pine’s office indicate there is an adult male who has approached customers in line at a local Churubusco restaurant offering postcards in exchange for donations.  This is not an activity approved by Black Pine.

If anyone is wishing to help raise money for the sanctuary please contact the organization directly at (260) 636-7383 so that efforts may be made legitimate and promoted appropriately.  Any further suspicious reports may also be made by calling local police.

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