Black eye for Churubusco

Please take note of the definition;

sports·man·ship (n) – conduct considered fitting for a sportsperson, including observance of the rules of fair play, respect for others, and graciousness in losing.

In the game of football or any game there are several variables that cannot be changed. Weather, officials and missed calls, are things that you live with even though you may not agree with them. We have a good thing going this season. Why do our fans and you know who you are, have to ruin it for everybody else? 

It was an awesome setting and our hosts at Culver Academy welcomed us with open arms. With the pageantry of the cadets marching in and squadrons covering the field in the pregame ceremonies, it was a sight to see. Not to mention the welcome speech from the cadet leader and if I may quote his final words “may the best team win.” I thought this was an excellent display of sportsmanship by our hosts at Culver Academy. An event where we were challenged right from the beginning and found ourselves behind at halftime for the first time all season. Our players rose to the occasion and overcame the deficit, to come out victors. But our fans gave Churubusco a black eye. 

With a bleacher full of wives, mothers and grandparents it was a very disrespectful display from our fans. Not to mention the kids, in and around the bleachers. Is this what you want to teach them? You could hear most of the remarks all around the field and I did apologize to Culver photographers with whom I was working on the sidelines. It was embarrassing to our coaching staff when they were asked, by the Culver coaches, “Are your fans always like this?”

Negativity brings down organizations, it breeds failure and a losing atmosphere. We need to stay positive. I’m not saying to go “little Johnny” (where everybody gets a trophy for playing) but keep it positive and stay behind our kids. Just because we are losing we don’t have to blame the officials and make remarks about the opponent. 

We hopefully have a long season remaining and we will be in close games, maybe even losing one. But to be a top program in the State we need to improve our sportsmanship. Our fans need to control their outbursts and think before they blurt out obscenities and take our program down.

Our football team has reached an elite level; they are one of the best programs in the State. Now we need to follow in their footsteps and bring with them a positive fan support. 

Don “Big Daddy” Hiatt

Churubusco News Sports

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