Be thinking about 4-H now

When youth become 4-H members, they may find something new. It may be a skill, a sense of belonging, or being useful. The projects and programs are based on real life. It’s adult life in the making.

In 4-H clubs, under the guidance of a volunteer adult leader, members learn about conducting a business meeting, planning programs and activities, and socializing and sharing ideas.  Clubs start meeting in February, and meet monthly or bi- monthly until the Noble County Community Fair, July 17 to 24. An achievement meeting is held in the fall to recognize each 4-H member’s accomplishments.

Noble County has over 60 project areas for members to select from. The 4-H’ers may select as many projects as they wish to complete.  Many of these projects have 10 different levels, so that a member can advance and learn more in their project each year.  A wide variety of projects, able to suit almost any interest, is available.

Many 4-H’ers pursue a career in their adult lives that they have started in their 4-H years.  Photography may lead to a studio career or photo journalist; electrical engineers have gotten their start in the 4-H Electric project; and careers in environmental science may have their roots in 4-H Forestry, Wildlife, Soil & Water Conservation, Weather, or Entomology.  Skills learned in 4-H may help you in furthering your education, finding a job, or pursuing a hobby.  Often, just being able to organize your ideas and finish a project is hard to do, and 4-H can help.

For more information about 4-H, contact the Noble County Extension Office at (260) 636-2111 or 1-800-601-5826, or stop in at the Extension Office in the Noble County Office Complex South on State Rd. 9 in Albion.

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