Baseball bat fight leads to arrests

By Matt Getts

ALBION — Two Albion residents found themselves in hot water with the law after a verbal disagreement led to them hitting each other with baseball bats, police said.

Samantha Souder, 25, and Devon Berkes, 25, were booked into the Noble County Jail on preliminary charges of battery, a Class A misdemeanor.

Berkes had called police at 10:50 a.m. on Jan. 23, reporting he had been battered at an Albion residence.

Noble County Sheriff’s Department Deputy Brian Walker said Berkes told him that he had been visiting at Souder’s residence when they began arguing. That verbal altercation became physical when each grabbed a baseball bat.

“Allegedly she used a baseball bat to hit him, injuring his left elbow and upper right arm,” Walker said.

Upon further investigation, Walker located Souder at Parkview Noble Hospital where she was being treated for injuries to her right elbow. Souder told Walker she had also been struck with a baseball bat.

“Both subjects had apparent injuries,” Walker said.

Both were booked into the Noble County Jail, and both posted bond that evening.

The Noble County Prosecutor’s Office is considering what formal charges to file in the incident.

What started the fight in the first place?

“Neither one of them could remember what the fight started about,” Walker said.

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