Baptist church hosts youth rally

CHURUBUSCO — Churubusco’s Good News Baptist Church was host to the northeast Indiana Youth Rally.

More than 90 youth attended the event. The rallys are held throughout the year at different churches, and Churubusco was most recently selected.

Amos and Hannah Gross, of Churubusco, organized the rally, and are also the leaders of “Trek,” the church’s youth group that meets Sundays from 6-7:30 p.m.

The Grosses led the rally, helping those in attendence to build strong character qualities and make good decisions, giving them a better understanding of Christ.

Hannah said her youth leaders made a big impact on her life and now, as an adult, she wants to do the same for others.

Trek is open to all youth ages 12-20.

“My heart behind Trek is that young people would come to know Christ, to build relationships with Him, and their peers, and to work, play and serve together in the local churches that they are involved with,” said Amos Gross. “I want them to support each other as they grow in their hom, school and church relationships — to know that they can pray and help each other as they serve Him.”

Good News Baptist Church is located on Anderson Road near Churubusco.

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