August First Friday snapshot

Short Term Memories performs at Columbia City’s First Fridays. Tyler Roebuck

Abby Ewing and Ryan Barr play a game with balls and sticks at the First Fridays event. Each tryed to be the last one to have a ball drop. Tyler Roebuck

The cold, windy weather failed to dissuade a crowd of excited Whitley County residents. Tyler Roebuck

Columbia City’s 100-year-old firetruck was available for attendees to see. Tyler Roebuck

Participants in the ice cream eating contest. Tyler Roebuck

An ice cream eating contest fundraiser was held for Toys for Tots. Tyler Roebuck

Eleven-year-old Ian Schuman makes slime based on a video he found on YouTube, and started selling them for the first time this month. Tyler Roebuck

By Tyler Roebuck

COLUMBIA CITY – Eleven-year-old entrepreneur Ian Schuman opened his booth, Messy Ian’s Slime, at Columbia City’s First Friday’s this weekend.

Schuman runs the entire operation by himself. “I make [the slime] in my basement all by myself,” he said. “[My mom] buys the ingredients. This is a month-old slime. Some people say slime only lasts for three days.”

Schuman, who has a self-professed interest in odd things, found that he enjoyed slime when he bought some factory-made putty. “I really liked it, so I watched YouTube and found the easiest way to make slime so I made some.”

He hopes to raise enough money through selling his slime to buy a baseball bat.

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