August 5, 2009

Five Years Ago

Finishing touches were being made on the Whitley County Animal and Adoption Center. Helen Bensch was hired as director.

The proposed 2005 school budget was up 10.45 percent over the 2004 budget. The Board was still operating with a tentative 2004 budget because of the late reassessment process.

The Board awarded Midwest Transit Equipment a bid for a 54 passenger school bus at the price of $70,972.

Ten Years Ago

The Whitley County 4-H Auction set a new record of $197,596, an increase of $9,091 over the 1998 auction.

Two groups, C.O.W. (Citizens Organized Watch) and the United Association of Plumbers and Steamfitters Union Local #166, filed an appeal to rescind the IDEM air permit granted to SDI.  Construction was delayed because of the appeals.

The hot, dry weather was blamed for almost 200 deaths across the United States.  Area farmers were worried the shortage of rainfall and high temperatures would have a catastrophic effect on the crop yields.

Smith-Green School Board of Trustees presented an estimated General Fund budget for the year 2000 of $7,503,776.

Dana Corporation celebrated one year with no lost time due to accidents.

25 Years Ago

Swen Nater, back-up center for the Los Angeles Lakers, spoke to a capacity crowd at Good News Baptist Church’s “Summer Celebration and Praise.” Also participating were Mark Lowry, Dr. Paul Dixon, Mark Evans and David Jeremiah.

Turtle Days Association treasurer John Ford announced there was approximately $2,100 profit from Turtle Days. Turtle Queen ticket sales were down.  Lack of motivation was cited for the drop in sales.

Dr. Welsh had been practicing veterinary medicine in Churubusco for twenty years. He said he had slowed down to 70 – 80 hours a week from close to a 100. Summer was the busiest because of fair testing, babies and heartworm. Dr. Hanni came to work about eight years before and handled most of the small animals.

Ned and Ann Kahlenbeck announced the birth of their son, Scott Wayne.

50 Years Ago

Frank Flowers, Jr. of Churubusco and Robert Pontzius of Columbia City were accompanying Wayne Rothgeb, farm director of WKJG, on a Farm Goodwill Tour of Russia and other European countries.

Smith Township taxpayers faced a 35 cent increase in property tax for 1960. A total proposed levy was $4.09.

Mrs. Margaret Ringenberg and Mrs. Lois Laymon, the sister-in-law duo that competed in the Powder Puff Derby, were guest speakers at the Rotary meeting. The duo was the first team to cross the finish line in the 2,470 mile race from Lawrence, Massachusetts to Spokane, Washington.

Governor Handley announced that the 1959 General Assembly had appropriated $300,000 for development of Chain-O-Lakes Park. Territory for the new park was 60% acquired at the cost of $240,000, all paid by voluntary contributions from Noble, Allen and Whitley Counties.

The Whitley County 4-H Clubs approved an added feature to the 4-H Achievement program, an all-county dress revue that was to precede the Parade of Champions.

An increase in interest rates on one-year CD’s went from 2% to 3%.

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Stewart announced the birth of their son, Michael.

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