August 24, 2011

Five Years Ago

Nicole Pippenger competed at the Indiana State Fair with her pony “Cinnamon” in the Senior Pony Keyhole Division, taking first place. They also competed against the other division winners for Championship Keyhole title. Nicole and “Cinnamon” won the title. This was the third year in a row they claimed the title.

Dr. Michael Holton announced he would open a new practice in Churubusco. He was no longer affiliated with the Churubusco Family Medical Urgent Care.

The Lucky Lady, owned by Huey and Diane Hazen, announced an expansion into the next-door building and would be serving a complete Mexican food menu.

Chad and Barb Brenneke, owners of Pit Stop Pizza, purchased Al’s 33 Club and the building adjacent to it. They would be relocating and hoped the move would be complete by the first of September.

Cary and Angie Stauffer announced the birth of their daughter, Sydney Marie.

10 Years Ago

The Smith-Green School Board approved $2 million in renovations projects at all three schools including new carpet, lights, painting, sinks and water fountains. The project was expected to begin in May 2002 and be completed by August 2002.

Rebecca Perkins was hired as CES Assistant Principal to assist CES Principal Cindy Thies.

The Town Council heard a report on recent camera testing from Treatment plant employee Ray Rhodenhamel revealing several obstructions mostly from tree roots and bricks or rocks. He recommended they should all be cleaned.

Dwight and Betty Geiger celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with a family dinner at Hall’s Factory.

George and Betty Dunten celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary at St. John’s Lutheran Church.

25 Years Ago

Joseph Wise and wife Rose Marie, won the million dollar Ohio Lottery. After taxes, the Wises would receive $35,000 a year for the next 20 years.

Former grocer Stan Myers passed away at St. Joseph Medical Center. He had been in the grocery business for 50 years, 46 of those in Churubusco.

The paint job of Churubusco’s water tower was complete.

Rick Ranney represented the United States Track Team through the International Sports Exchange in Salzburg, Austria. Rick competed in the high jump with 6’9” and garnered a first place gold medal.

There were lots of birth announcements – 

Dr. and Mrs. Rex Allman, a son, Kyle David.

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hansbarger, a daughter, Susanna Marie.

Dick and Julie Kreigh, a son, Kevin Michael.

Darrin and Rhonda Parker, a son, Brandon Everett.

Don and Brenda Ternet, a son, Adam Mitchell.

50 Years Ago

Reverend Delmar Statler, pastor of the Nazarene Church, accepted a pastorate at New Haven. Reverend George Hemmingsen from Arnold, Nebraska would fill the pulpit at the Nazarene Church.

Three main drawbacks were listed in finding a new industry to replace J.I. Case.  The hindrances were no sewage disposal plant, lack of natural gas and a need for increased water capacity.  Despite these objections, people were still optimistic.

Richard Hill was awarded a diploma for completing a 36 week training program in “Controls of Automation” at the Chicago Laboratories of Devry Technical Institute.

Whitley County U.S. Savings Bonds sales for July were $18,656 compared to $33,672 the corresponding period of last year.

Don Gerdes’ 30 cow herd topped June’s Whitley County DHIA records with a daily average of 57.6 pounds of milk and 1.9 pounds of butterfat per cow.

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