August 12, 2009

Five Years Ago

Applications were being taken for hunters to participate in a controlled deer herd reduction. The hunt was scheduled in 15 Indiana State Parks and one nature preserve in mid-November.

Dave Brady of Churubusco traveled to Hampton, Virginia for the Classic Chevy International. He scored 986 out of a possible 1000 points with his restored 1957 sedan delivery wagon. He received a platinum certificate and a first place plaque. Other winners from Churubusco were LeRoy Blessing, Wade Wheeler and Jim Bishop.

10 Years Ago

Julie Campbell of Churubusco was named a merit finalist in the Miss Teen of Indiana competition.  Anne Dickmeyer of Columbia City was named Miss Teen of Indiana.

Dana Corporation announced record second quarter sales of $3.4 billion, an increase of more than five percent over the same period the prior year.

Each day over 67,000 new Internet users logged on for the first time.

Norma Juillerat retired from Smith-Green School Corporation. She served the school corporation 33 years as elementary school secretary, secretary to the superintendent and administrative receptionist.

Tim and Brenda Geiger announced the birth of their son, Justin Thomas.

Kermit and Shonda Hogeston announced the birth of their daughter, Isabelle Rose.

25 Years Ago

Parking on West Washington, between Main and Mulberry, went to parallel parking.

Arriving on the Dana helicopter, Dana President Gerry Mitchell toured the local Dana Plant. He said Dana changed their way of doing business. There used to be 12 – 14 layers of management and now it was down to five.

The main topic at the Town Board meeting was why they needed to advertise for additional appropriations to finish the 1984 year. The biggest expenses were utilities and money owed for the Sewage and Water Department bonds. Also reported was the need in the near future for a new fire truck at the cost of $110,000 to $120,000.

Richard and Violet McNeal celebrated their 25th anniversary with an open house hosted by their children.

A 63rd wedding anniversary celebration was given for Kenny and Evangel Leitch. A buffet lunch was served with entertainment and dancing.

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bolen announced the birth of their son, Joseph Inn II.

Mr. and Mrs. Jon Gaff announced the birth of their daughter, Jaclynn May.

50 Years Ago

Max Shively, Blue Lake, a service demonstrator for J.I. Case, returned from spending a month in Cuba instructing farm workers in the operation and maintenance of Case crawler tractors under Castro’s new land reform program.

A 1960 Churubusco property tax levy of $2.95 was proposed.  This was an .84 increase.

Actor Gene Barry who portrayed Bat Masterson in the TV series, appeared at the Mizpah Shrine Horse Show in Columbia City.

According to County Agent Donald Clayton, a new fly was causing a disturbance among cattle raisers in Whitley County. A native of Eastern Canada, the face fly was new in the midwest. The flies loitered on the faces of the cattle, causing a reduction in growth, milk production and meat. There was also suspicion that they carried pink eye. The entomology department at Purdue was working on a chemical to control the pest.

Mr. and Mrs. William Shew celebrated their 50th anniversary.

Smiley’s Sandwich Shop featured a “2-dip hum-dinger” cone for 15¢. Pat’s Cafe had a hot dog and Pepsi for 20¢.

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