Attention Noble County taxpayers

You will have 45 days from the notice date below to file an appeal. You WILL NOT be given an additional opportunity to file an appeal from your tax bill, as you may have done in the past. Last day to appeal is November 1, 2010.

As required by 50 IAC 27-3-2, this assessment is based on sales data between January 1, 2009 and March 1, 2010. If there were insufficient sales in that time frame, older sales may have been used. If this is a rental property and you have not filled out the required paperwork and have not submitted your Schedule E for your rental, please be sure to do so by contacting the office number listed below. However, if you were sent a letter previously and did not respond, you will not be able to appeal for 2010 pay 2011 because the letters stated when the information was due in our office.

For commercial and industrial properties, the assessed value should reflect the market value-in-use of the property with consideration given to all three approaches to value (cost, sales comparison, and income). If you choose to appeal the assessed value, please be prepared to submit any relevant information, including but not limited to: actual construction cost, comparable sales, income and expense statements (at least three years).

At this time, the amount of taxes you will be required to pay cannot be calculated given that the tax rates have not been established. However, the Assessor’s Office is only responsible for Assessed Values — not taxes due.

If you do not receive a Form-11, or the Form-11 has a “0” amount on it, please contact the office at 260-636-2297 or come in to the Courthouse and we will print you a new Form 11. Also if you should have any other questions, please contact the office or come in.

Again, you only have until November 1, 2010 to appeal the 2010 pay 2011 Assessed Value and you will not be given another opportunity to appeal from the tax bill.

Please take note that we have a firm in Orange Township and Noble Township doing data collection for Reassessment. Also there are two from my office out picking up new construction and verifying sold properties. The vehicles are registered to our office and the Sheriff’s Department should you have any questions.

Thank you in advance,

Kim Gephart

Noble County Assessor

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