Area pastor raising money for k-9 vests

By Tyler Roebuck

LIGONIER — Pastor Gary Ford of the Richville United Methodist Church once had a vision that drove him to action.

“I had a vision before I started all of this seeing a dog jumping through the air and getting shot, and ever since then I’ve been trying to get vests for K-9s,” he said.

Ford and his church are raising money to purchase 10 Kevlar vests for police K-9 dogs in Elkhart, Noble and Whitley counties, with one of the recipients being from the Columbia City Police Department. This is the third time Ford has tried to purchase vests.

Police dogs, he emphasizes, are good for far more than chasing down criminals.

“A lot of them are multi-trained,” he said. “They can go out and find a child or older person with Alzheimer’s, some sniff for drugs. A lot of people think that the dogs are just out there to bite people, but they’re not.”

If interested in donating or helping the cause, contact Ford at 760-4985 or

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