Are we dumbing down our education at the expense of sports?

When I attended classes that fall I had no clue what was going on. I had never been in this position. After about a week or two I asked a person I had met if he knew what the Priests and Nuns were teaching. He said yes, he had this last year. I spent the next three to four months studying, trying to catch up. I have a B.S.E.E. degree.

Sports, of any avenue, were a privilege when I attended Dwenger and not a right. Education was paramount, sports was not. Anyone can go to Dwenger who pays the yearly tuition. There is also an economic needs based tuition assistance to help. There is no recruiting, anyone can enroll. Private and Parochial schools accept no public funding. Everything you see at Dwenger was paid by the parents who still pay taxes to help fund public schools.

When I attended Dwenger we started every day with a prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance. We attended Mass at least one day a week and had the opportunity to attend Mass every day. There is a Cross in every room. We had a week of Retreat in the spring. God, Respect and Discipline were the rule at Dwenger, not the exception. A letter was sent home to parents outlining discipline every year I attended for them to sign. If they didn’t accept the rules, Dwenger suggested they go to another school. This was the way it was when I attended.

Catholic, Lutheran, Protestant and private schools do not have an unfair advantage accepting students. They have God and Discipline as their daily focus to help with their learning environment. This emphasis on God and Respect works and I feel is the reason parochial and private schools succeed, in any arena.

The person I work with had an opportunity to have a Korean student live with them for a year. She was enrolled at Dwenger. She should have been a freshman but tested out a junior. This is a concern because parochial and private schools are about two years ahead of public schools. What is this saying? Are we  dumbing down our education at the expense of sports? We need to rethink this “issue” and reset our priorities if we are going to succeed as a nation. ISTEP, SAT and ACT scores from parochial and private schools are not printed in the papers. Why?

David Barrett,

Fort Wayne

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