April 2009

With this free training, Officer Farris joins four other Department employees that are CIT trained.  As I wrote in my last article concerning CIT officers, these individuals now have extra skills to deal with individuals that come in contact with law enforcement and are suffering from various mental disabilities or drug and alcohol induced psychosis.  The hope is that these officers are able to talk a person into compliance rather than having to take a “hands-on” approach that can result in injuries to all parties. 

Remodeling of the Booking counter now affords all officers added safety from arrestees and inmates.  The original counter top was raised about sixteen inches and a raised floor was installed behind the counter top.  This elevates the confinement officers above the arrestees making it more difficult for an arrestee to gain access to an officer during the booking process.  The Department of Correction provided funding for the upgrade.  No money from the Department budget was used. 

Just last week all confinement officers were trained in the new Booking software program that will tie into the current Computer Aided Dispatch program that has been in use here for several years.  This upgrade will streamline report writing, provide officers in the field with considerable more information, and will manipulate inputted information into a plethora of reports. 

Deputies that worked at enforcing violations at the traffic signals on US 30 generated 84 traffic citations, 117 traffic warnings and three criminal arrests during 2008.  Earlier this year, Deputy Randy Dellinger was recognized for his outstanding efforts for traffic signal enforcement. 

Last October, Deputy Tony Helfrich began publishing a “Most Wanted” column in the Post and Mail newspaper identifying various individuals that are wanted on a warrant.  Seventeen persons have been listed so far resulting in eight that have been arrested from tips or turning themselves in.  

Rob Arms, owner of R&D Motor Sports along with Yamaha has provided the Department with a new Rhino four wheeler. This one replaces the Rhino that was given to us last year.  Yamaha sponsors a program that supplies law enforcement with a new Rhino every six months free of charge.  We have used ours for traffic patrol in the lake areas, patrolling the 4-H grounds, snow removal, and public displays. Thanks to R&D Motor Sports and Yamaha for this donation.  

A question was asked about meaning of the “OWI per se” charge that is typically listed in the newspaper along with the charge of OWI.  Indiana is one of several states where two separate cases arise from a single drunk driving arrest; the court case and the Administrative Per Se case with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.  In cases where someone is arrested for OWI or a related drunk driving charge, and gives a breath or blood test with results that are above the legal limit, the BMV will take an administrative action against the driver, typically in the form of driver’s license suspension.

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