Appreciate letter, disagree with headline

When I took my first job with local government in 1964, I was expected to support the Republican party and its candidates.  I quickly learned two things:

1.  The best qualified candidates did not all belong to the same political party. 

2.  During the general election, in the privacy of the voting booth, I could vote for the candidates that I felt were most qualified for the office.  This has been my voting pattern over the past 46 years.

I agree with Fred Gilbert that Tom Hayhurst is the best choice to represent us in Congress. I believe his educational background and life experience make him the best candidate.  I also feel confident that he will not become another “party puppet” in Washington D.C.

I have to disagree with Mr. Gilbert, however, when it comes to the 83rd district race for state representative. I first became acquainted with Kathy Heuer when our church worked with the Blue River Apartments board to bring senior housing to Churubusco. When she spoke at the annual Farm Bureau meeting in Kendallville this summer, it was clear to me that she is best suited to represent the citizens of her district in Indianapolis.  

While some candidates are asking us to support vague concepts like “Hoosier values,” Kathy has a clear, concrete plan for approaching the job as state representative.  Unfortunately, I no longer live in her district.  For those who do, I encourage you to vote for her on November 2.

Sue Lewis

Fort Wayne, IN  

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