Patty Amber

Amber announces candidacy for Smith Township Trustee

Amber served from 1987 until 2008 as the clerk of Smith Township and feels that experience serves her well to be the trustee. Her father, the late Cline C. Zolman also served as Smith Township Trustee from 1966 until 1970 so she learned early in life that the position is as close to “grass roots” government as any government body in Indiana.

The Smith Township Trustee’s responsibilities include: being fiscally responsible to the Smith Township Fire Department, providing township assistance to those truly in need while protecting the taxpayer’s hard-earned money by carefully screening requests for township assistance, assisting the community park with needed equipment, and maintaining the Cumulative Fire Fund. Since implementing the “cum fire” fund, Smith Township has avoided borrowing money to purchase fire equipment, saving the taxpayers additional money in interest payments. 

While one of the governor’s problems with the township trustee system is that they tend to save money instead of spending it, Mrs Amber feels that having a Rainy Day fund as well as the Cumulative Fire Fund is being responsible to the taxpayers and keeps the tax rate in check while maintaining the ability to meet any unexpected costs.

Mrs. Amber is a graduate of Churubusco High School. The Amber’s have two children, Bob (Marna) Amber and Amy (Sean) Motter, all of whom make Churubusco their home. Additionally they have six grandchildren (the seventh is due in October) and one great-grandson. Her hobbies include tennis and attending Churubusco sporting events. 

In 2009 she retired after serving with Whitley County EMS for 30 years in which she provided care to the citizens of Churubusco. Amber was employed in the banking business for 17 years and while she only worked at one bank, the name of the bank changed three times. She is a member of the Churubusco United Methodist Church and the American Legion Post 157 Auxiliary.

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