Allen completes Eagle project in Albion

By Matt Getts

ALBION — Eagle Scout candidate Tate Allen, a Churubusco High School student, recently completed his Eagle Scout project at Hidden Diamonds Park in Albion.

Tate, who is a member of Ligonier Troop 102, worked with Casey Myers, superintendent of the Albion Parks and Recreation Department, to determine and prioritize possible project ideas. Allen decided to pursue a tree identification project, in which he would identify more than 20 of Indiana’s native trees by placing 4-inch by 4-inch posts in the ground and putting nameplates on the posts.

Nameplates would include the common name, scientific name and something special about that particular tree species. The 1-mile loop walking trail is beautifully done and has become a very popular place for walkers to get a little exercise. From start to finish, the project spanned a six-month period, but rapidly progressed in October and November.

“The signs can be used to educate the community about some of our native tree species to Indiana and what they look like,” Allen said. “It’s something everyone can see when on the trail, and will hopefully be enjoyed for many years.”

Allen had many positive comments from walkers while working on the project.

Allen also said that many people and businesses helped make this project a reality. Without their help, he said, he wouldn’t have been able to complete this Eagle project.

Allen added that he’s really proud of the way things turned out and again praises those who helped by investing time, supplies, money and advice.

They included: Myers, Tom Landis, Lowe’s of Fort Wayne, Albion Lions Club, Jack Owen, Truelove Brothers of Albion, Scoutmaster Dave Mangus, Larry Hicks, Tanner Allen, Tom Malle and assistant Scoutmaster Phil Allen.

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