Absolute power corrupts absolutely

Federal judges are appointed for political purposes, not to support the rule of law and the Constitution, of which Thomas Jefferson said, “In questions of power let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution.” Meanwhile, we have had the Supreme Court justices speak of the Constitution as a living document which means subject to change by the political power of the day. And we have had Council On Foreign Relations members say we must make end runs around it.

In the Health Care bill many congressmen voted against the will of their constituents. Even the “blue dog” democrats who did not favor the bill voted for it in response to bullying and bribing tactics of the administration.

In the Executive Branch we have some 35 White House Tsars appointed by Obama to run the government without being vetted by Congress as is required for cabinet level positions. Many rules and changed regulations in all three branches of government are, in fact, end runs around the Constitution, including a movement to accept UN treaties such as: Law Of The Sea where we would give up the right to control our ocean areas; Gun Control (ie. confiscation), as all communist/fascist nations have done; acceptance of the International Criminal Court and other EU and/or UN Law, which would overrule domestic law, as many EU countries have found out to their sorrow. Could we someday see Moslem Sharia Law imposed on us, as is now anticipated in some EU nations?

It should be noted that top federal officials (except the tsars) take an oath of office to uphold the Constitution. How does the violation of this oath on the part of many of them figure with their “sacred honor?” Or with Obama’s avowed purpose to change to a socialist system of government (in which we would be governed by federal police power?) Could we see concentration camps in America? “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely,” . . . Lord Acton. Many citizens of socialist/ fascist states of the past century have risked death and imprisonment in trying to escape tyranny. Our country, rather, has had a major problem in trying to accommodate all who wish to live here.

We must realize that Sacred Honor is not there in the absence of moral values. “Our Constitution was made for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other” . . . President John Adams. It appears that the power figures in our government no longer equate to these values, unlike the majority of our people who, although misdirected in our public school system and by a monopoly dominate media, still retain a belief in God. Still, “God has placed limits on our intelligence, but none on our stupidity,” . . . said Konrad Adenauer, postwar chancellor of Germany. Unrecognized by most of us in this battle for our moral survival was this statement by Voltaire, the principal architect of the French Revolution. In the war against Christianity according to Voltaire, “It is necessary to lie like a devil, not timidly, and for a time, but boldly and always.”

Dr. Fredrick H. Pierce, North Salem, IN

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