AARP of Whitley County December news

President Pat Loe opened the meeting  and led in the pledge to the Flag. A prayer was given by Phyllis Swick.

The guest speaker was Gene Rohr, Pastor and Veteran’s Service Officer for Whitley County. The topic was the birth of Jesus, the traditions of Advent (which begins the fourth Sunday before Christmas), and some of the symbols of Christmas such as a Christmas tree, the poinsettia, candy canes and mistletoe.

Joan Hinen is the most recent new member of this chapter.

Phyllis Swick read a version of “The Night Before Christmas.” Judith Hicks advised the members to take their list of medications, along with all their questions, when you have a doctor appointment. People should be aware of the complications when mixing OTC drugs and medications.

Bonnie Hazen read some more presidential trivia:  John Adams was the first to reside in the White House, John Q. Adams (son of John Adams) was the first to be photographed, George Bush was the first Vice President to be elected President and was the son of George W. Bush.

Bonnie Hazen installed the following officers for 2011:  President Pat Loe, Vice President Phyllis Swick, Secretary Virginia Wright, Treasurer Jeanette Zumbrun.

Board of Directors Jennie Childs, Barb Hawn, Kathy Hinen, Lola Zumbrun, Ruth Burd, Rosemary Piebenga, Ilah Rondot and Amelia Winebrenner. Nominating Committee Marthe Meier (chairman), Corrine Maggard and Mary Lou Zuber.

Terri Almon made a motion to fund 10 “Angel Food Ministry” boxes.  The motion was seconded and carried.

There was also a $25 donation from a member to be given to the Salvation Army. The Chapter will not meet in January, but the Board of directors will meet January 4, 2011 at the Woodlands to plan the agenda for the coming year. The next Chapter meeting will be February 1 at 1 p.m.

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