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Old business discussed with Terri Almon inquiring if we had a 25 year plaque to display.  She was told to ask Amy Linville.

Terri also asked for volunteers for the Senior Expo on Saturday September 11 from 9 a.m. – 12 noon at DeMoney Grimes.  Volunteers were Virginia Wright, Jenny Childs and Amelia Winebrenner.

Minutes were read and approved as was the treasurer’s report. 

A health report was given by Phyllis Swick. She told about how long it is safe to leave food out before pitching it. Moldy food should be pitched, the mold goes more than skin deep.

Bonnie Hazen gave a report on how good and healthy foods attract you by color.

Barb Hawn volunteered to send a card to ailing members.  Martha Meier made a motion to give her $10 to begin. The motion was carried.

The guest speaker was Pat Mossburg from the Salvation Army.  She told us it was started in 1937 and the church where it began closed in 1963. They now have an office at the Eagle Quest Church. They provide services of disaster relief, food, house rental, school assistance, coats for kids, Christmas assistance and Bell Ringing at stores during the Christmas season.  They have added cooking classes and are now selling nuts for a fundraiser.  All the money raised in Whitley County stays in the county.  Anyone needing assistance can reach Pat Mossburg at 248-1711.

The next AARP meeting will be at 1 p.m., on October 5 at the Woodlands. There will be  a representative from the local AARP district.

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